A Few Words About Us

Neutra Corp. (OTC: NTRR) is a research and development company bringing modern solutions to nutraceuticals, food and drug and environmental purification markets. Founded in 2011, the company formed in the vitamin and supplement health and wellness industry, later expanding into medical cannabis, and now is directing its key focus to the rapidly growing hemp-based cannabidiol (“CBD”) segment. Neutra intends to become a vertically integrated company engaged in all areas of the seed-to-sale value chain, including cultivation, manufacturing, formulation of products, distribution and retail sales. 

Within its broadened scope, Neutra intends to commercialize offerings designed for a growing new world culture where consumers are coming to expect products that promote health and stave off potential dangers. The company is focusing on meeting this demand with cutting-edge products, solutions and technologies that meet increased needs of health- and environment-conscious consumers.  


Sydney Jim, President and CEO

As the CEO of Neutra Corp, Mr. Jim will provide strong executive leadership, a network of business contacts, and experience implementing solid corporate strategy. The company relies on his expertise in asset acquisition, deal sourcing and structuring, SEC reporting, financial modeling/forecasting and financial/operational reporting. Mr. Jim’s top priorities as CEO will be reorganizing the corporate structure of Neutra Corp and explore promising new business opportunities in the health and wellness sector. Sydney Jim has a proven track record of adding value for public company shareholders. From 2016 to current, Mr. Jim founded Global Visionary Investments where he provides operational support to 7 different companies and their subsidiaries. Mr. Jim is responsible for deal sourcing, M&A, producing financial modeling and pro-formas, marketing guidance, exploration of new markets, working with executive sales team to discover new sales channels, operational reporting, and working with the business development team to raise funds for new projects. From 2014 to 2016 Mr. Jim was the CEO of First Titan Energy, a micro-cap public company where he was responsible for restructuring the corporate structure, deal sourcing, and leading the company in mergers and acquisitions. 


Dr. Scott Cherry, Sports Performance Medical Advisor

Dr. Scott Cherry serves as the sports performance medical advisor

for Neutra Corp. and will continue recent work designing tailored

medical programs and services focused on human performance.

He is an energetic physician executive with a passion and focus on

health, performance and prevention. Dr. Cherry has extensive experience

spanning 20 years in various medical and executive positions

for the U.S. Army and Navy, several Fortune 500 corporations and

major health care facilities. He received emergency medical technician

training in the U.S. Navy and holds a bachelor’s degree in

chemistry from Florida State University, a medical degree from Nova

Southeastern University and a master’s degree of public health from

Uniformed Services University F. Edward Herbert School of Medicine.


Corporate Responsibility

Neutra Corp. (OTC: NTRR) believes in bringing safe, proven, and effective nutraceuticals, food and drug, and environmental solutions to market. Our current and future research and development initiatives include that of vigorous product testing before it is available to the buying public. Our responsibility to investors includes prompt and detailed financial disclosure via public S-1 documents as well as press releases.

We value everyone—partners, investors, and consumers—who help contribute to NTRR’s success. Ongoing transparency is a testament to our high standard of corporate responsibility.

Mission Statement

Neutra Corp.’s mission is to bring the best and most revolutionary technology and nutrition-based breakthroughs to the global market. We’re aiming to commercialize products that promote a cleaner environment and better health, satisfying a hungry market for newer, more accessible technologies.