VIVIS Corporation

VIVIS is your source for all hemp-based health and nutritional products. VIVIS was founded because of the need for high quality high potency hemp extracted goods. Medical grade hemp extract is revolutionary in the way we manage pain and anxiety. Whether the pain comes from diseases like Epilepsy, or high performance athletic injuries, and your everyday aches and pains, VIVIS makes its mission to help improve your quality of life with all our products.


Diamond Anvil Designs

Diamond Anvil is an innovative vapor pen company that created an "all-in-one" vaporizer.   There is nothing that the Diamond Anvil cannot vape. The use of a ceramic coil’s unique, multi-chamber design is capable of delivering a variety of popular products, from dry herbs to waxes, oils, e-liquids, and more. Switching from herbs to oils is as quick and easy as swapping out the appropriate chamber, all of which are included with the device’s initial purchase. What’s more, the Diamond Anvil also features a variable voltage system that can be used to control the amount of heat used to vaporize a variety of substances.